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At Training Gurus, we believe that bringing the right people together creates synergy. Our team is committed towards achieving excellence in providing quality people development services. Delivering timely people oriented solutions is our core strength .Your business’ people needs are unique and so are the solutions that we provide. Making that extra effort to understand your business needs and giving you the service that suits you is what separates Disha Mentors from the others.

We are in the business of helping employees and recruiters find the right match in terms of their business objectives and careers. Constantly providing the best HR solutions is our forte. Any business needs the right mix of talent and processes to compete in an ever changing business environment. Disha Mentors is all about equipping businesses and professionals to meet this challenge. Using our expertise in catering to diverse industries both in India and around the world, our services ensure that your business takes that extra step in acquiring a competitive edge. The team comprises of individuals with a drive and zeal for delivering quality solutions.



We employ the most advanced and renowned assessment tests to measure personality, attitude, sensitivity, memory and aptitude. 

Skill Development

Our skill development services enable both new and existing members of your workforce to be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to face the challenges at the workplace. 


Our training modules are designed to serve a variety of needs, ranging from corporate training to student centred training.

Employee Performance Counselling

Our employee performance counselling modules are designed to develop job related skills and enhance the career development of employees in an organisation.